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Aluminum is a reusable material that can be recycled endlessly without any loss in quality. Aluminum metal recycling is like the eco-friendly counterpart to traditional iron in the metal industry. Used aluminum parts, alloys, and scraps are too valuable to throw away. So, recycling keeps valuable materials in use and contributes to reducing carbon emissions in industries. 

Therefore, at CRV Recycling Solutions, we provide solutions for the disposal of aluminum metal waste and collecting and processing it for recycling. Are you eager to contribute to a sustainable future? Are you looking for aluminum recycling near me? Contact CRV Aluminum Recycling Center Calabasas today and see how aluminum waste can make a difference.

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Recycling Services for Energy Conservation and Reduced Carbon Footprint

Aluminum recycling is essential for energy conservation and minimizing carbon footprints. It demands only about 5 percent of the energy required for primary extraction from aluminum ore. It is worth noting that alloys are infinitely recyclable because they retain their characteristics when recycled. When environmentally concerned consumers seek sustainable and effective metal supply management, melting from recycled material becomes the obvious alternative.

With years of experience in aluminum recycling, cutting-edge technologies, and the ongoing development of eco-friendly processes, we deliver optimal aluminum recycling solutions. At CRV, we focus on consistently decreasing the carbon footprint of both products and processes.

How We Recycle Aluminum: From Chips to Sheets

At CRV, our aluminum recyclers begin this process by shredding the material into chips. These chips then pass through an infrared sorter, efficiently removing plastic, glass, and other contaminants. A magnet is used to pick up any steel scraps present. The cleaned aluminum scraps are melted at a high temperature of about 1,221°F (660.3°C) to form molten aluminum. Then, they are poured into large molds to create ingots.

During remelting, the paint and lacquer on the cans vaporize, producing aluminum oxide known as dross when the molten aluminum reacts with air. A furnace operator uses a machine-powered spatula to skim it off the top to eliminate the dross. This collected dross undergoes a separate recycling process to extract residual aluminum from the aluminum oxide.

Afterward, it flows into a spacious holding furnace, which is then tipped to pour the molten aluminum into ingot molds.

It takes a mere two and a half hours for a 32.8-foot (10-meter)–long ingot, weighing 29.8 tons (27 metric tonnes), to set. Once lifted from its mold, an ingot is transported by truck to a rolling mill, which undergoes heating in a furnace to 995°F (525°C). 

Though slightly below aluminum’s melting point, this temperature is sufficient to relax the bonds between aluminum atoms within the ingot. The ingot passes through a series of rollers, gradually reducing its thickness, similar to rolling fresh pasta. Eventually, the ingot transforms into an approximately 0.1″ (0.25 mm) thick aluminum sheet. This aluminum sheet is then rolled into a reel, ready for reuse.

So, it’s time to do more than just think green. Contact the CRV aluminum recycling center Calabasas to participate in the aluminum recycling revolution.

Why Choose CRV Aluminum Recycling Center Calabasas?

At CRV Recycling Solutions, we’re good at working with aluminum. We don’t just stick to the basics. We know all about the different kinds of aluminum needed for other things and are great at getting the right materials from start to finish. Here’s how we made aluminum recycling simple:

Knowing About Alloys

We’re proud of knowing a lot about alloys, the special mixes of metals. We make sure we use the right ones for the job. Also, we ensure the quality of recyclable aluminum is good from the start to the end.

Recycling in a Big Way

We’re a leader in the business, and our “recycling services” are all about offering complete solutions. We recycle aluminum cans into new metal (toll conversion); it shows we care about the planet.

Custom Solutions for Companies

In recycling, we’re good at making special metal mixes that fit companies’ needs. It’s like a back-and-forth process of buying and selling, making things easy and efficient for our clients.

Easy Metal Swapping

We’re smart about getting metal. We swap out old metal for recycled metal, making the process smoother and using recycled materials more. It’s our way of sticking to our promise of being eco-friendly.

Fixing Scrap Metal-Like Pros

We’re pros at taking old, not-so-great metal (like dross and slag) and turning it into something good. Then, we give it back to our customers, helping to reduce waste and keep things in a loop.

Thinking Outside the Box

We’re not just about new products. We’re always thinking of cool new ways to recycle things. We recycle aluminum scraps or cans and stuff like aluminum rims recycling. We’re all about being creative and helping the planet.

Doing Our Part for a Greener Tomorrow

At CRV aluminum recycling center, we’re not just doing what everyone else is doing – we’re setting new goals for being eco-friendly with our aluminum work. We focus on knowing our stuff, creating special solutions, and always doing things well for the environment.

Get Paid For Trash with CRV Aluminum Recycling

Unlock the True Value of Your Recyclables with CRV Recycling

You put in the effort to recycle, so why settle for less? It’s time to cash in on your recycling efforts with CRV. Transform your trash into treasure today!

Contact Us to Make a Positive Impact

If you’re finding the best scrap aluminum recycling near me, contact CRV Recycling Solutions today to discuss your aluminum recycling needs. Whether you’re a person looking to dispose of aluminum cans responsibly or a business seeking a recycling solution, our team is here to assist you.

Let’s start a journey together towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious tomorrow. Call us at 833-970-1010 or email us at to take the first step in your aluminum recycling journey.

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